PrizeHonorable Mention in Product Design
ArtistNiko Kapa
Design TeamStudio Niko Kapa
ClientDorma Design

The main structural elements are strips of plywood that fold in line with proportions of human body, so as to establish the dimensions of the chair. Design allows the chair to migrate between different settings and respond to moods of the user, since it can be transformed just by flipping it. This results to 2 different seating postures and designs as per the user’s needs. Structural stability is attained by the overlapping plywood strips that curve into one another and are glued on connection points. The curve segments are combined together taking into account physically satisfying posture in both seating postures. These provide the necessary flexibility that thin layers of plywood offer as construction material, together with the cushions attached to them. Cushions are designed as an extension of the chair’s main framing, having as a basic principle the minimum use of material and minimum number of construction elements.