Sculpture White

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture, Honorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyD.H.I.A International Design Co.,ltd
ArtistChing-Wen Huang
CreditD.H.I.A international design CO.,Ltd
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The house located at the corner is created into a sculpture as wished. In terms of the functionality, it is vertically integrated on the east side of the building, which makes the west side of the building to have favourable conditions on presenting the layers of the architecture. The size of the white granite is adjusted to fit the size of the windows. Each granite on the wall has different thickness. The windows of this architecture symbolism musical notes. The interior of the ground floor is designed to have completely simplicity. Even the ceilings stay simple without extra decorations.

Ching-Wen Huang Created D.H.I.A Internal Design Co., Ltd. from the interior design to the architecture, with diverse design thinking and professional ability to handle the project includes residential design, commercial space and education space, from the building's exterior, interior to the landscape can be completely handle, so that the overall design experience the same, give customers the most soul and temperature of the creative surprise.