The House of Translucent Harmony

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
ArtistK Chien

The refined precision of the grey-scale color scheme reveals the gradual strata of shades in the ordered space. The full and partial conditions of sunlight render the grey colors into vivid clarity. The colors of dark metal, wooden surface, golden brown, cool glasses, and planted greenery permeate the space between the ceiling and the floor. The induced brightness light up the appropriate niches of each constituent in the grey non-dimensional space. Along with the point, line, and surface of the interior room, the overall setting follows the movements of light that awaken the darkest corner.

Ho-Ho Design Consultant aims to reveal the harmony (ho) and air (qi) of people and place. Designing space is a process of intuiting and evocation. The honest expression of the totality is the outcome. Every object is refined like needlework. Functions precipitate into the comfort of the interior. What we usually called "feeling" is, in fact, a careful calculation of imminent beauty in mind. Each individual perceives beauty in all spatial dimensions. A good design interweaves these threads for every client around his or her axis mundi.