Protecting Paradise

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
University/SchoolAarhus School of Architecture
ArtistVictor Moldoveanu
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Friendship, peace, equality, tranquillity and freedom can protect the Paradise - the most extensive rainforest of Central and South America. ‘Protecting Paradise’ discusses a diplomatic and bilateral economic agreement that cultivates environmental protection and ethical authority, and political trust between China and Nicaragua, and illustrates a discourse on foreign investments in underdeveloped countries as well as a demonstration of environmental awareness and protection practices, bringing together tourists and locals in an environment governed by five principles of peaceful coexistence.

We employ symbolism and a fictional narrative structure to create sustainable architecture, city infrastructure and environments of spatial and social impact, in addition to the use of political poetics as well as technical exposition. The speculative projects and the extensive research signal a legitimate spatial symbiosis between architecture and urban planning, with symbolism and narrative.