Ghostly Divers

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation Art
CompanyAngelina Voskopoulou
ArtistAngelina Voskopoulou
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This work is oriented toward showing how absence and presence can take a certain form. The absence of the shape in the material makes it more precise than ever, because the absence of the skin gives us sides which are rare and unique. Some of my art work over the past years has been focused on ‘minimal movement’. My view regarding the power of that which is minimal has been reinforced by research, the application of ideas and the results from previous research. The movement of a unit is considered to be that which drives all things....

Born in Athens, Greece on 14th May 1982. I am a graduate (BA with Distinction) in Fine Arts and Technology and I also have a Masters degree in Digital Arts(university of the Arts London). I am teaching at Athens cultural center Art and New Media . I am also the course leader in Digital Arts at iversity (platform for open massive online courses) More over, I am working my own videos, as well as sculptures made from polyester. I am also the Co founder and video artist/director of ‘state of flux’ dance group and member of visual container ITALIAN VIDEOART PLATFORM,Since 2008, the first italian..