PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistKlaus Bittner

Dead-City-21: Photography-digital art, Lambda-Print on Dibond, 70 x 50 cm This image is part of my art project "climate change". It shows the positive side of the negative situation, it shows the beauty of the ugly of these upcoming architectural structures, caused by overpopulation in some regions.

Klaus Bittner is a multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, photo/digital art, installation, objects and land-art. Studio in Frankfurt / Germany. Since 1971: 48 solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA 148 participations in exhibitions and art projects in Germany and foreign countries Artistic conception: The Variable Reaction… This strategy is focused against an esthetical setting, the persisting in a position and the pressure of the market to identify. The “Variable Reaction” means an experimental way which is posed in opposition to perfection.