Shark Bay Aerial Series

PrizeShortlist in Photography
CompanyMano Pictures
ArtistSteven Manolakis

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area is located at the most westerly point on the Australian continent. Covering about 22,000 square kilometres, Shark Bay’s waters are known for having some of the world’s most exceptional natural features. When viewed from the air, the vibrancy of colours of the earth and sea fuse together to create some of the most captivating frames of nature. All photos were captured while flying in a Cessna 206 aeroplane.

Steven Manolakis is an American photographer who captures the beauty and detail of the Australian landscape from a unique visual perspective. He travels to remote locations across the red country with his medium format camera, utilising small bush planes and helicopters to photograph the topography below. Since 2018, his aerial photography has earned over 100 international photography awards, commendations, nominations, and honourable mentions.