'Old Worlds Looking at New' by 2b+photo

Old Worlds Looking at New

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistTobias Meier

The observing models expressions range from curiously, to awe to anger. They are a reflection of the mixed reactions the confident woman receives, and the societal constraints placed upon her. Setting his editorial in Renaissance times, 2b+photo eludes to how throughout history society has always been shocked by both the confident woman and latest in womenswear. In the last scene of the editorial, 2b+photo places the Renaissance men in an oil painting. Once they are put in their static place, we see that the once provocative woman only exemplifies beauty, glamour and strength.

2b+photo (Tobias Meier) specialises in storytelling editorials for fashion and advertising. 2b+photo makes conceptual photography, with many intricacies that draw the viewer in. He carefully crafts the featured sets, backdrops and visual effects for contemporary photography with a pop-art and surrealist feel. His work is detailed and colourful, communicating brand aesthetics through highly stylised images. www.2bplusphoto.com