Susan J Chen


PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film
CompanySusan J Chen Studio
ArtistSusan J Chen
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“Being” is a surreal and experimental video short, conceptually about the human condition. A man is walking forward, seemingly aimlessly toward nothing and into an abyss of white. Mirroring the mindless marching of the black beetle, the man’s fate is futile as is the beetle flailing helplessly on its back. The dead tree already foreshadows their death. The man, the bug, and the dead tree metaphorically and visually blend into the same fate of being, and disappear into the white.

Susan is an award-winning photographer, with work bridging commercial and fine art worlds in her conceptual approach to fashion, portraits, things, and motion. Her work has been described as cinematic, moody and emotionally charged with color and dark humor. She is most known for “Modern Fairy Tales”, a photo + video series that reimagines well known fairy tales through their lesser-known, darker-rooted story. Her work has been shown in NY, LA, SF, Minneapolis, Tokyo and most recently at Aqua Art Miami / Art Basel.