The Rebirth Of Lotus

PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
CompanyNobahar Design
ArtistSogand Nobahar
CreditSogand Nobahar
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The battle against violence against women must be fought above all by women. We must never again be silent in the face of abuse and violence, but we must find the strength to react and to recover, just like a lotus flower that is born and reborn from the mud. A cuff is the best choice, as it can be worn and shown in any cultural or stylistic context, with religious clothes or even with a bikini on the beach. The color white represent start and novelty. limited edition of only 220 pieces, a tribute to the glorious Achaemenid Empire that survived for 220 years and had lotus flower as a symbol.

After studying design ay engineering in Iran and Italy, a strongly interdisciplinary training and some subsequent work experiences led me to found Nobahar Design and not to identify myself in any scheme. my Motto: as unconventional as it is Nobahar Design is based on the concept of mix and match, which is the combination of tradition and innovation in every aspect: materials, design, and concepts. A new way of seeing and perceiving things, of interacting with the world around us and of building unique, identifying and expressive pieces.