Laka Perspectives

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
ArtistBartlomiej Witkowski (Ultrabrand)
Design TeamDamian Przybyla (Laka), Rafal Przybyla (Laka), Bartlomiej Witkowski (Ultrabrand), Dr. Peter Kuczia (consultancy)
ClientSolarlux GmbH
CreditMariusz Gruszka (Ultrabrand)
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Laka Perspectives is a collection of interviews with the people who have decided to take action for the future through architecture, technology, and innovation. Their thoughts are the essence of the book; thus, its graphical layout is very simple (one font, one size, regular spacing, line, dot). The tectonic impression of the book (White outside, gray inside) suggests the type of content. Thanks to the pocket-sized format of 4.0 × 6.5 in, the stories, advice, and suggestions are at your fingertips, wherever you are and whatever perspectives emerge in front of you.