crack light –White House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyE.Wa Interior Design Co. Ltd
ArtistShu Hui Lee and Yu Lun Wang
ClientKSCCO Construction Co., Ltd.
CreditE.WA Interior Design CO. LTD

The biggest challenge for this project is how to open the windows for proper cross ventilation and keeping the traffic flow in the house simple and corresponding with each other so that the owner and his family may enjoy the comfort they want. The hall way at the entrance is the central axis that goes through all spaces in the house, dividing the space into east and west sides: the balcony on the east side welcomes sunshine in the morning, allowing light to travel in the public room. The balcony on the west side is in the kid’s room, allowing the warm and not-so-bright light during the sunset.

The body is like a house, the mind is like a decoration, through the heart to feel, one brick and one tile to inject light, temperature, and movement into the space design, inherit the aesthetic concept, let the team use meticulous professional and ingenious to jointly create the eternal happiness mark, satisfy each The dream blueprint in the hearts of the owners, igniting the happiness of every corner of the space, and the good life of the generations!