Unbounded Light

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyMaxpro Interior Design Ltd
ArtistHao Han Chang
Design TeamChi Yuan Lee, Chun We Chung, Pin Chun Hsiung
CreditMAXPRO Interior Design Ltd

We solve inhabitants’ problems through design— improving on the spatial structure, reconfiguring the divisions—so that the living and dining spaces become a fluid, open common ground. The sufficient lighting through the large windows of the living room maximize the space. To compensate for the lowered facade, we take clue from the infinite mirror house of Yayoi Kusama, extending the visual space by cladding the beam with gray mirrors. The reflecting light reduced the visual obstruction of the beam and introduced a boundless dialogue that expand the mind of the inhabitants.

MAXPRO Interior Design Ltd is a design group integrating design and engineering based on the concept of Integration platform, and is committed to creating first-class space design. "Unbounded art, from true heart."