PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
University/SchoolLiceo Classico
ArtistDamiano Serafini
CreditNew Gothic - Odling Builds the Tower by Damiano Serafini

Odling is my last novel accompanied with my ink-painting drawing to complete a visual art/writing project. Odling; an imaginary architect of the first half of the 19th century, is a man who makes his art a mystical work. On the scene of a London staining the smoke of the Industrial Revolution, Odling desperately tries to save the Spirit of his time from the imminent catastrophe, placing all his strength in an aesthetic ideal, the Renaissance of the Gothic. At the altar of this collective redemption he sacrifices himself, confusing the the nostalgia of a golden age with an unfulfilled love.

Damiano Mirò Serafini, born in Cento, in the Ferrara province of Italy, on 19 December 2000. Damiano currently lives in Firenze, where he attends the Liceo Classico "Galilei". He has a special predilection for the figurative arts, appeared very early in his life with a clear inclination to drawings, particularly ink drawings. Subsequently, he grew a love for literature and writing, leading him to his first novel, "Eracletito", and a second one, “Odling”, recently completed, while working to refine his art in watercolor and gouache techniques, to illustrate his literary works too.