Just A Moment

PrizeShortlist in Painting, Honorable Mention in Painting, Finalists in Painting
CompanySelf Employed
ArtistSusan Fraser-Hughes

This work is part of a series. Each drawing in the series, Just a Moment, is a study of a head in various stages of profile. The facial features on each are minimal. With every turn, a slightly different personality. Too often, the face I present, does not reflect my true thoughts, emotions and feelings. To protect myself, and in some ways, to protect others, I have donned a mask, presenting what I feel others want to see, rather than what truly lies beneath. Just a Moment, visually explores the idea of masks. At the same time, it explores how authenticity, will occasionally show through.

Susan Fraser-Hughes grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Calgary, Canada in 1996, and then Vancouver in 2011. She holds a BFA, an MFA, and most recently, a PhD from Aberystwyth University in Wales. Two recurrent themes run throughout Susan's work: sense of place, and sense of self. Her art documents her journey, her physical journey; places she has visited and lived, architectural and landscape, and her inner journey; aspects of self and personal history.