A Matter of Record

PrizeShortlist in Photography, Honorable Mention in Photography, Finalists in Photography
ArtistAn Myunghyun

Seoul's traditional fish market Noryangjin market is currently in conflict with the transition process to a modern market for a new market.There has been a conflict for about three years and the atmosphere is not good.Meanwhile, the market went out for the first time in 48 years since 18.11.16 This is because the electricity and water supply were cut from the equipment that manages the area. As a result, merchants are living with candles in the old Noryangjin fisheries market, where the lights are gone.Since I had a close relationship with merchants before the Danjeon, I could record the deep

Hi, I am a 26-year-old social welfare student, Ahn Myung-hyun.The reason why I take pictures is because I want to let the world know about the social injustice and social weaknesses hidden through my photos.After school I always go to the center of social problems with my camera. And we record the pictures in the eyes of a third party. Bright and shiny objects are always seen and admired, and all their attention is focused on everything.But no one cares about their dark and sad cries.So I hold the camera today with a sense of duty to record.Thank you for reading it.