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LICC 2022 Top Designs in USE (Product) Category


LICC 2022, the prestigious international design competition, recently unveiled its exceptional winners in the USE (Product) category. These innovative minds have captured our imagination with their remarkable creations, showcasing their immense talent and pushing the boundaries of design. From practical everyday objects to futuristic concepts, each winning design stands as a testament to the power of creativity and its ability to transform the way we interact with the world around us. Join us as we explore the fascinating works of the LICC 2022 winners in the USE (Product) category, inspiring us to envision a future filled with boundless possibilities.

Timeless design

Timeless – Nataliia Kolpakova(Shamrai)

The foundational photographs for the collections are produced as standalone pieces with well defined narratives. Multi-layered responses to the challenge of outside circumstances, lucid dreams and forebodings, and universal truth concealed under a recognisable layer of line, texture, and shape are all mysterious yet familiar at the same time. We are four-dimensional beings, with three space dimensions and one time dimension. You may produce the enigmatic feeling of being “timeless” by rejecting one dimension, warping it, and altering it in the image.

SLR-087 – Antonio Di Oronzo

The 85-meter SLR_087 is a superyacht with 6 decks that was created by a group of German and Italian architects. The concept depicts the decks flowing sliding forward in response to the client’s design brief to provide a timeless, creative vessel with a distinctive naval architecture. This straightforward structural change gives the boat a graceful appearance that allows it to flow effortlessly with the water. The SLR_087 has fold-down balconies to the sea on the lower deck, alfresco salons, indoor salons with double height ceilings and panoramic windows, a sky lounge, a sun lounge, a beach club, and double-height ceilings throughout.



SCINTILLA – Andrea Ciampaglia

This idea of an extreme sportycar recovers certain archaic European aesthetic traditions, but it also has a ” sensual” spirit that sets it apart from previous analogue exercises. smooth, circular lines that respect the global exponents of the typicol segment.


Karim Rashid, a well-known industrial designer, and Centrsvet collaborated to create pendant track luminaires. The luminaire is distinctive and adds a brilliant touch to any room due to the ability to combine several versions. DIM DALI 2 brightness adjustment is supported.


Aurora Series

Aurora Series – Lu Wang

Inspiration from the Aurora Borealis. The Aurora Borealis and urban minimalism. Aurora Borealis is a hazy optical veil that is accompanied by an odd tranquilly. The entire sleeping night sky is covered in stunning shooting stars. It embarks on a new journey for you every day at daybreak. The urban business has been the trendy consuming. Aurora Series by Aurora Grey. The quality of life should be led by a distinctive aurora grey primary colour that stands out from the city’s floral vegetation. A panel from the Aurora series called Illusion is a 3D cabinet panel that produces an illusory existence by projecting the future with the naked eye.


Pose – sex education set for the blind people – Karolina Kruszewska

“Pose” is a sexual education set for blind people. It covers the issue of persons lacking access to sexuality education and the inadequacy of market items to accommodate those with visual impairments. “Pose” is made up of substantial descriptions and portions created in collaboration with a sex educator: Dagn? Kocur, an audio presentation on YouTube about the fundamentals of sex education and spatial figures that are intended to simply depict the 5 fundamental postures. Individual users, sex instructors, and organisations are the focus of Pose. In Europe, where this subject is unimportant, the project is novel.


sex education set for blind people
JIMU Modular Bicycle

JIMU Modular Bicycle – Wan Qian, Liu Mingde

JIMU is a product that may be assembled in a modular fashion and has an inventive construction. Through the use of two different types of connecting buckles, seven different types of universal connecting modules, ten different types of connecting rods, and a number of bicycle modules, it connects at least seven bicycles with various forms and purposes. Users can buy equivalent components to adapt to various usage situations based on their own needs. The bicycle’s parts are remarkably homogenous and detachable. This not only makes it possible for people to buy more varieties of bicycles for less money, but it also makes it targeted.


PURE – Yao Dai

A two-in-one electric oral care kit called PURE adopts Dyson’s sustainability ethos for long-lasting durability. PURE combines an electric toothbrush with a water flosser to accommodate a variety of consumers’ demands while streamlining operations and conserving space. For travellers, PURE offers a detachable toothbrush sterilisation case. By detecting module replacements, the toothbrush handle alternates between toothbrush and water flosser modes. The brush head is shielded against moisture contamination and psychological discomfort thanks to an integrated airflow fan.

oral care product

Aurora – Mohamad Montazeri

This synthesizer’s effects and filters are managed by a laser. In fact, this inventive technique has taken the role of sliders and touchpads for controlling sound effects. This laser is appealing and has a visual attractiveness for audience and composer during a performance in addition to improving ease of use and speeding up the composer’s movement. a delightful and unique performance or compositional experience. This green light has a resemblance to the aurora borealis’ brilliant lights in the deep of the night. Additionally, AURORA includes a touch screen that the composer may use for simpler settings and status displays.

Osome – Yi Ding, Shuxian Hong, Olina Zhang

Numerous plastic toothbrushes wind up in landfills and the water each year. Although our culture is preoccupied with cleanliness, we are polluting the environment. An oral hygiene kit called Osome (pronounced “awesome”) is made for kids ages 4 to 9. It raises environmental awareness in a pleasant way and aids in the development of healthy dental hygiene practises that last a lifetime. Osome goods predominantly utilise recycled ocean plastic in its component parts, which are built with reuse and recycling in mind.

kids toothbrush

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