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Our top picks in the SHOOT category from the winners of LICC 2022


During the year 2022, the participants of the esteemed London International Creative Competition (LICC) captivated audiences with their breathtaking photography submissions within the SHOOT category, earning them well-deserved recognition from the esteemed panel of judges. As we curate a comprehensive overview, we aim to showcase a selection of these remarkable contributions that stood out among the rest. However, we encourage you to explore the remarkable entries across the various other categories as well, for they too hold a wealth of creative brilliance.


CMYK – Giuseppe Pennisi

Cmyk is one of my most recent searches. In taking this path, however, I had to face a fundamental and at the same time tiring step, that is, the attempt to leave behind and free yourself from the idea that, with time and with the decades of experience, I had built photography. So I found myself in the face of new photographs capable of re -emerging past experiences sedated in personal memory. In a process of desaturation, tonal values change and other images are reached, although they were already contained in the original image itself.

Medium of instruction – Alena Grom

In 2022, Russian troops occupied part of the Kyiv region. As a result of the fighting, the infrastructure of cities was destroyed. Due to the bombing and shelling, 2102 educational institutions of Ukraine were damaged. Of these, 215 are completely destroyed. Man-made objects, as well as natural objects used in the educational process as carriers of educational information and tool for the activities of the educator and students to achieve the goals of education, upbringing and development — medium of instruction.

Medium of instruction
Check In/ Check Out

Check In/ Check Out – Dmitry Ersler

The task of an artist is to awaken the imagination of the viewer. Let him come up with what exactly happened in this room.

Metallic Flowers – Gianfranco Merati

Since its invention in the 60s by NASA, magnetic fluid — originally intended as rocket fuel — has gone to impact applications in a wide range of industries from electronics to construction. For me this material represents a never ending source of creative ideas. It can be shaped, coloured and lit in so many ways. In this project I attempted to create flower-like shapes and colours, using various colouring and lighting techniques.

Metallic Flowers

Rain – Claudio Dell’Osa

The initial idea is to combine photography with watercolor painting. I wanted to describe the unease and the problems through demonstrations halfway between religious and protest. Men in the rain heedless of bad weather in search of a common solution to contemporary problems.

Why Drag? Why Not? – Hsin Yi Wang

All my series of works attempt to re-show the time in between putting makeup to removing makeup, from performances to their regular life settings and societies. Gender is a repetitive performance, and the gender boundary can be remodeled and reshaped, meanwhile, if our understanding to ourselves are built on encounters or interactions with others, the blurry boundary in between, swinging, resisting, stagnating, tangling, or becoming the extension of others’ bodies, and once again returning back to the bodies of our own.

Why Drag? Why Not?
The "Soul" of Architecture

The “Soul” of Architecture – Peter Zarkob

During the confinement by the Covid, I had the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of my city from another perspective. Empty cities, without people, without circulation…. Architecture no longer interacted with man and his daily life. Now architecture was exposed in its pure state, showing its essence, enveloping us in a unique atmosphere, inviting us to a journey that, starting from the figurative, moved us to the abstract, to the “soul” of architecture.

Series ‘Homesickness’ – Nataliia Hresko

This series is about the pain of many Ukrainians. Russia’s military aggression on our land forced millions of my compatriots to leave their homes and escape the war by fleeing and moving to safer places. The participants of this project lived in Ukraine, and now they are scattered across Europe. The real test is longing for the homeland, uncertainty about the future. Everyone misses their home, favorite things or just little things that added coziness and comfort to the home. Everyone wants to return as soon as possible.

Series 'Homesickness'


Even before talking about beauty, we need to define the “presence” that the body occupies in space. To find a connection with the physical, our measures in the surrounding air. As banal as it is necessary, as necessary as it is forced, this perceiving. This journey towards the body aims to reveal the sense of beauty, not intended as an aesthetic form, but rather as an experience connected to the deepest existential dimension of the human being and its relationship with the world. This cozy beauty explores an immersive and profound perception of the impalpable forms of thought and the concret

Cities – one vision – Antonio Coelho

Each city has its special feature. This set of images points to just that. Since the massive use of iron and other metals, cities have grown, luminous and colorful, in height and in magnificent places that defy nature. Of course, for all this there was the hand of architects, engineers and builders. This series with the following images presents it all, including a tribute to the twin towers. Of course, there is a direct connection to money, to capitalism also present in the series.

Cities - one vision

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