Chao-Ming Yang

Visionary Winners of the London International Creative Competition 2022 in the Illustrate Category


The London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2022 has brought together exceptional talent from around the world in the field of illustration. This esteemed competition recognized the remarkable work of artists who have demonstrated unparalleled creativity, skill, and imagination in the illustrate category. The winners of LICC 2022 in the illustrate category have captivated audiences with their ability to tell captivating stories and evoke emotions through their visual narratives. Each winning illustration showcased a unique blend of technique, concept, and artistic vision, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. From whimsical and dreamlike creations to thought-provoking and socially conscious pieces, the LICC 2022 illustrate winners have proven themselves as true masters of their craft, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of illustration.


Kusske Design Initiative Promotional Poster

Kusske Design Initiative Promotional Poster – Eugene Park

Poster designed to promote the Kusske Design Initiative (KDI). KDI is an initiative by the University of Minnesota’s College of Design that promotes inter- and multi-disciplinary collaborations and conversations within the design disciplines. In reference to KDI’s focus on nature, the poster’s background textures were derived by combining various aerial and satellite photographs taken at different altitudes. The center of the composition features a simulated growth of fungi that represents the discussions and workshops around mycelium that occurred in the past year.

The Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre – Jan Nowell

Each play experience connects stories extracted from objects within the museum collection and engages a multi-generational learning strategy encouraging carers and parents to share in content and learning. Multiple layers of engagement and all ages accessibility are designed into each story, addressing diverse learning styles and abilities. Consultation with Traditional Owners, artists from Wiradjuri Country and the Erub Island community of the Torres Strait enabled Arterial to include work from Indigenous artists and to acknowledge diverse cultural perspectives on knowledge sharing.

The Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre


This project contains two posters shown side-by-side. The posters speak to the struggles of women throughout history. The poster on the left depicts the feelings of frustration, suffocation, and anger. The poster on the right speaks to hope. The hope that one day all women will find peace, freedom and equality.

Ligatura – Ana Mota, Jorge Araújo

Poster commissioned for an exhibit named Ligatura (ligature). To reflect the core idea of ligature, we opted to use a typeface that featured closed apertures, increasing the “connective tissue” of the typeface. The composition created the meaning of ligature way too far, linking all the letters together in unexpected ways. Persisting with the idea of connection and continuity, we took a frame from one of the videos and arranged it as if the frame had frozen. This allowed for several posters to be stacked and both the image and composition can flow between posters. The poster is a ligature.

Storrington Cricket Club - Logo Design

Storrington Cricket Club – Logo Design – James Dawson

Storrington Cricket Club, nicknamed The Swans, required a new logo to help build brand awareness and engage with its community. I designed the logo incorporating the signature icon of a swan, whilst targeting the broad demographic, with a traditional, yet modern feel. The raised head promotes forward thinking towards the younger generation, along with the curved neck symbolising the ‘S’ in Storrington. The wide-spanning wings encourages the welcoming and inclusive nature of the club. The 19 visible feathers are a nod to the past, representing the 19 run victory in 1800 over a Sussex team.

Voodoo Fest Branding Campaign – Chien Lin

Voodoo Fest is a three-day festival in City Park, NOLA that features music, food, art, and fun. I want to capture the vibrant energy from the fest and the mix of styles at NOLA using vivid color combinations and bold and absurd type explorations, as well as string imageries and symbols that allude to Voodooism. The new brand draws from a central concept: Voodoo Possesses Like No Other. The Voodoo Fest is an immersive experience that liberates the soul by possessing you in every aspect while you’re there with the magic and charms of New Orleans.

Voodoo Fest Branding Campaign
Blood Donation Game

Blood Donation Game – Sun Yu-Chieh, Hsueh Kai-Chieh, Prof. Li Kai-Chu

BDG uses AR interactive games to improve the willingness of blood donation, and uses Internet Design and big data applications to link the hospital blood bank data and reflect the role evolution, so that users can know the changes of blood volume and improve their participation. The blood donation vehicle is equipped with LCD screen, which allows users to interact with AR and improve the beauty of the location. Let the blood donation car also become a punch – in attraction. We hope to improve young people’s willingness to donate blood and reduce the problem of blood shortage in hospitals.

Limbo – Dawid Galinski

Poster for computer puzzle-platform game “Limbo” was designed in for the independent Danish studio Playdead under the artistic supervision of professor Mariusz Lukawski during Poster Design Classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The poster was approved by the developers of the game. The main character of the game is a nameless boy who wakes up in the middle of the forest on the “edge of hell” while searching for his missing sister. At some point, the forest gives way to a crumbling city.

OJO D OJO - UX Design

OJO D OJO – UX Design – Yue Dong

OJO D OJO is an app that teaches children and teens to deal with cyberbullying based on a school account with an online self-assessment. Bullies have been around for a long time, and a key factor in defining these bullies is the imbalance of power or force. The advancement of technology and the popularity of different social media have given bullies a new avenue. Cyberbullying happens 24/7 and always has an audience. 42% of children have been bullied online. It is possible for bullies to go unnoticed and untraceable. Teens who are bullied may experience anxiety, despair, withdrawal,

Stitch By Stitch – Chao-Ming Yang

By visiting the old and new generations of the embroidery industry, the traditional embroidery process is turned in an innovative way to redefine the image expression of embroidery. We combine the natural environment with people’s life, and correspond different environments to different life stages. We developed this concept into eight series: exploration, creation, risk-taking, tenacity, and understanding, which were combined with different embroidery stitches to show in the book. We hope to convey the feel temperature contained in the process of needle and thread.

Stitch By Stitch

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