Curiosity Saves the Cat

PrizeShortlist in Illustration - Graphic Design
University/SchoolUniversity of North Texas
ArtistChien Lin

This picture book was a self-promotional piece that I wrote, designed, and made to send out to potential employers as a way to introduce and promote myself. It narrated my journey of getting into design. I made the protagonist a cat because I didn't want the story to be hyper-focused on me as a person, but on my experience that could be relatable to many creatives. I hope to make a connection through this piece that the reader can get an idea of my skillsets as a designer and my quirks as a person. The photos shown are only a portion of the book; the whole story is available upon request.

Meah is a UX designer with a visual communication design background. As a curious ambivert, she favors a good question over a convenient answer.