Ocean Wonders App

PrizeHonorable Mention in Application Design
CompanyFine Balance Photography
ArtistGauri Chopra
Design TeamUX and Graphic Design : Gauri Chopra, Developer: Serge Molodyk, Sergiy Bilous
Video URLView

Ocean wonders is an educational application series consisting of 5 parts that aim to create awareness about the importance of our five oceans on Earth. It is an interactive tool to understand the importance of our marine ecosystem and how, along with providing us with more than 75% of the earth’s oxygen, they are worth millions of dollars when kept clean and alive.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Gauri Chopra began her career in 2002, when she transformed her childhood hobby of photography into her passion. In 2010 Chopra graduated with a BA in industrial, scientific photography from Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara, California. Along with graphic design and conceptual art, chopra's company Fine Balance Photography specialises in Architectural ,high-speed and underwater photography. Her passion for photography is not only about images, but also about the concept, vision, and her love for the art itself.