Serene Wooden Habitation

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyYiko Design
ArtistYako Cheng

The present case is a residential space of six big rooms and two small rooms. Through the integrated design of architecture and interior, we can capture the external scenery dynamics, connect the internal wood and stone charm, and merge the connotation of home and life demands closely. Let the deep "Zen" meaning be guided by design to release a refreshing feeling in the vision. Moderately enlarged public areas, through the selection of natural materials, combined with exquisite workmanship, create roomy harmony without barriers, to manifest the host's gracious and sincerity.

YIKO DESIGN-an unique design company - " sui generis "; to carry out the spirit, all the designs are derived from the customers for the future imagines. We are responsible to indoctrinate aesthetic and the most extraordinary aspects, to highlight the owner's taste. Make the design balanced between rationality and perceptuality, finally return to simplicity. In the contemplation and dialogue of aesthetic, the domain is converted into a stow container for happiness. Light, sound and breeze flow in the space, the design has become a heuristic way to perceive oneself, family and preferable life.