Best of LICC 2021 Winners in CREATE (Art) Category


The winners of the LICC 2021 edition have been revealed, and it was a joy to see all of the beautiful artworks entered this year. We chose to show you in this selection some of the most stunning pieces of art that were submitted in the CREATE (Art) category. Thank you to all the talented artists for creating such mesmerizing values in today’s world!

abstract painting of a man

men Shun Kurosawa

“The Great East Japan Earthquake, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe, and my absence from my family left me physically and mentally unwell in March 2011. After years of suffering and isolation from society, I discovered art therapy, which helped me recover, and I began to paint to reflect my current emotional state. These artworks represent my heart’s speech. The tight wall between society and me has gradually begun to open up as a result of partnerships with others who have seen these works, and I have been able to reconnect with society through painting.”

Paradise WallpaperTina Tahir

“Paradise Wallpaper” is a Baroque-inspired wallpaper that alludes to the Western world’s massive food intake and quickly growing garbage output. The wallpaper’s ostensibly tasty and exotic fruits are really unharvested or half-eaten, silently withering on their branches; landfill landscapes are surrounded by wreaths of ruined fruits.

Baroque-inspired wallpaper made out of rotten, half-eaten food
technicolor artwork

Gottlieb’s Wonderland in TechnicolorJane Gottlieb

Jane Gottlieb, a painter as well as a photographer, has spent the last 35 years hand-painting layers of retouching dyes onto her Cibachrome prints, transforming reality into a more romantic and wonderful world. Gottlieb now scans her one-of-a-kind hand-painted prints and her lifelong collection of Kodachrome slides, which she then improves, collages, and paints using Photoshop to communicate her ideal vision in her own voice.

AngelsSheng Lin

Sheng Lin plays with material in a minimalistic approach using digital, A.I. modification, and photography compositions. He’s now working with the possibilities of AI in portraiture, bringing chaos to a controlled atmosphere while precisely picking photos to input using algorithms. What appears to be random is really honed to produce a certain result, resulting in a complicated link between human and nonhuman emotional experience. By combining light and darkness, order and chaos, the real and unreal, Sheng Lin’s art has an ethereal feel.

realistic digital artwork of a girl
upper body

SensibilitiesUgne Becker

In today’s culture, there appears to be an agreement on what a person’s body should look like. People are judged and seen in light of their views. When someone’s physical form deviates from the ideal, it’s often perceived as a fault. Many people find it difficult to live with being gazed at, shunned, pitied, or ostracized. The way a person looks has a big influence on their feeling of social belonging and self-identity. The audience should consider how often we make quick judgments about others based on appearances and whether or not this is justified.

Pledge of the dazzlementMarina Ito

The two boys are content, but they are unsure of their feelings for each other. It’s the crimson thread of fate that joins and unites their small fingers all over their bodies. This red thread also serves as a link between the two of them as well as their ties to other individuals, implying that they have ties to people who aren’t visible on the screen. The crimson thread wraps around their bodies, and the knotted threads represent the twists and turns they’ve taken to get to where they are now, hating and loving one other.

two boys with red thread wich represents the connection between the two of them
colorful drawing

Eternal – See you tonight in the lightNarumi Hoshi

This is the major piece the artist created for her solo show “Beside the Continuing Light,” which took place in December 2019 at BunCoffee Byron Bay in Tokyo. The days we live are defined by “continuous light.” We are alive because of the light that is always present, no matter how tiny. Whatever the circumstances, she wants to believe in the future.

Colour Study Series and Reappearance SeriesPaul Gravett

The artist looks for rich colors, patterns, layering, and textures at the intersections of photography and modern art. Both the Colour and Reappearance series begin with well-known camera methods (ICM, DoF) then employ layering to generate images that reference artistic styles and approaches. He’s interested in the connections between photography and modern art, and he uses fragmented painterly pictures to investigate hidden and abstract components. The Colour series begins with papers and colored films piled on glass shelves, while the Reappearance series is based on 100+ year-old images.

phototgraphy artwork with different textures
surrealistic photot with an egg and umbrellas

The Egg of CreationPeter Hammer

To express a tale or expose a notion, the artist likes mostly simple surrealism imagery. This artwork depicts evolution and creation in a surreal, symbolic manner. Our buildings have changed over time, from ancient pyramids to modern architecture, propelled by the production of new life. New life begins with an egg fertilized by sperm within a female ovary. Low-hanging fruit, where umbrellas represent trees, is a common source of temptation.

Walt Disney’s Legacy: 100 Years in His Own StudioLucas Nóbrega Schmitz

The artist created art that “tells” Walt Disney’s narrative through artifacts in his studio: a nod to The Wizard of Oz, Walt’s unfulfilled goal to produce a film (however, stories about Oz were adapted by Disney in the future, referenced by the EPCOT globe). Also featured are Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer, as well as two animators who worked with Walt and never developed great characters, but did build profitable companies. His failing Kansas City studio, his life (which was ended by tobacco), and modern CGI franchises are among the other references (as a plane from the eponymous film).

artwork of walt disney