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In 2022, LICC will be back and is looking forward to seeing all of your incredible and distinctive pieces of art! If you want to attend for sure, enter right away, but you still have time to submit your proposal! To get you excited about entering the 2022 edition, we put together this list of the winners from 2021.
London International Creative Competition Jury Panel votes are tallied with top-scoring entries in each sub-category making the Shortlist. From there, up to 20 outstanding Finalists are selected in each Category, with a Final Winner chosen to win the “Best In Category” Title and a total of $9,000 in cash prizes, in the Professional and the Amateur/Student levels. See all winners here.

manga bench

Manga Bench – Enrique Minguez

A piece of urban furniture that can evoke feelings in both urban and outdoor settings and is inspired by marine life. When the bench is empty, its gentle undulating contours transform it into a sculpture. A simple yet lovely bench. When situated in urban settings like seafronts, ports, parks, squares, avenues, and boulevards, organic shapes that serve as seats also add aesthetic value. The Manga Bench’s clean lines and even spacing between its planes emphasize the brightness and textures typical of fiberglass and concrete.

Kai’a – Meridith Lichangco

This hanging lamp’s gentle, warm glow is reminiscent of the light veil that filters through the water. It captures the attention of the audience and envelops them in tranquility. Life is shown to be safe from danger beneath the water, protected from the storm above. Kai’a stands for the belief that life can endure even the worst storm and continue to dance gracefully. This installation’s form is inspired by biological structures, with parchment paper serving as the delicately arranged scales on the body. During the design phase, reducing the usage of plastic items and byproducts was one of the sustainability factors taken into account.

hanging lamps
low carbon pilot city

Low-carbon City Convention and Exhibition Center – Y.Feng,Y.Chu,R.Ding, J.Lin, J.Zhu

One of the eight national low carbon pilot cities is Shenzhen International Low Carbon City (SILCC). From the expert perspectives of planning, architecture, and landscape, this case seeks to strike a balance between a high density neighborhood and low carbon emissions, adhere to ecological urban development, establish the low carbon standard in this area, and become a national demonstration project.

Power of mind – Dina Abdoos

This compilation embodies the strength of language. We only know that a phrase can make someone happy or unhappy. The artist was able to depict a distinct figure through the image of cigarette smoke that was the result of my friend’s picture session (Hesam Ghavami). She has made an effort to demonstrate this topic using cigarette smoke with her pal. She focused on looking for something through these fumes by adding and erasing a line using digital paint after first taking an image of cigarette smoke. You have no control over the consequences of a word once it leaves your mouth.


subject through cigarette smoke
hotel interior

Pullman Hotel, Pinghu – Jerry Wu

A renowned cultural center with a long history and an advanced water system is Pinghu, Zhejiang. InterScape, who is in charge of interior design for the project, takes use of the Eight Scenic Spots of East Lake and incorporates the entire hotel into the water features. The project is located within the Pinghu CBD. Being the tallest structure in the city, it provides fantastic views and offers a calm but vibrant French-elegance living style.

Cyclic symbiosis of Leaf. – Wen-Chun Fong

Even the dead leaves that have fallen to the ground can become nutrients for the earth to sprout and renew. The design of this poster uses photography’s use of light and shadow to create the blossoming appearance of dead leaves. The arrangement combines ink painting and Buddhist philosophy to foster poetic imagination, encourage people to respect the cyclical symbiosis portrayed by nature, and raise their awareness of environmental issues. Buddhist philosophy is expressed through photos, inks, and designs that show respect for people and the environment.

poster with leaves
book cover

Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography – Ed Kashi

If the decisive moment perfectly balances composition and timing to portray reality in accordance with the photographer’s instincts, the abandoned moment is the result of a brief moment of surrender. Famous photographer Ed Kashi’s collection, which spans 40 years, offers hazy glimpses of fleeting moments loaded with frenzied energy – the turmoil of daily existence. They embody the inherent power of photography by protecting moments that will never again take place in precisely the same place and time.

Chaos and Order… – Vilve Unt

Order and Chaos Real or traditional clothing? global, local, or going all the way back. In my perspective, there are countless possibilities: genuine fashion is something you might wear when strolling in the periphery; folk fashion is inspired by actual fashion… The Estonian landscape and the cyclical character of the seasons have been “woven” into designs and hues. The patterns’ concepts were taken from traditional handcraft. There are many different interpretations of headwear now, much as it did in the village life. The collection is the result of cross-pollination; modern and historical concepts have converged and given rise to fresh new life.

fashion photo of a woman
home interior

The Dawn – Hao-Yun Chi, Hsing-Hung Chen

The heart and soul of architecture are found indoors. This interior design project is located in Taiwan’s hot spring district. Unique natural resources and a vibrant local culture are highlighted in the design, which aims to employ natural features as the focal point of the interior. It is carried out from the environment to the building, the building to the interior, and finally the interior as a whole. In order to create a natural environment and give the whole room the most comfortable vocabulary, the materials are linked together and repeat one another.

E-YES Amblyopia Trainer – Chien-Chen Lai , Fang-Ping Hsu , Prof. Kai-Chu Li

E-YES is a training and exploration-based tool to treat children’s amblyopia. Amblyopic children are encouraged to use visual zoom, targeted eye muscle activity, and color discrimination through the use of various modular combinations. Children can explore and fantasize using the telescope’s lenses on either side while using AR transparencies. When the eye alternates between close and far objects, the ciliary muscle and lens in the eye are both worked. You can also take a vision test with a different lens.

E-YES Amblyopia Trainer

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landscape with a sunset
colorful drawing