Our Favourite Shots from LICC 2021 Winners in the SHOOT Category


In 2021, our entrants presented some of the most incredible photographs, for which the panel bestowed awards. We’d like to highlight a few of the outstanding contributions in this round-up, but don’t forget to look over the other categories as well.

a huge mirror in the forest in which reflection there's a woman in a red dress

Through the Mirror – Betina Samaia

The ghosts who dance in the forest on huge mirrors that cascade from the sky can only be seen by Yanomami shamans. There is much more inside the forest, living and present, than the waking human sight can comprehend. Surrounded by thick greenery, surprising reflections disclose passageways to other universes that were previously unknown. A forest arises within a forest, which then appears within another, and so on, creating a panorama that leads to an unknown infinite. The possibilities are infinite. The forest can be found in between frames, but it can also be found in other regions that are only accessible via dreams.

Images in the Post-truth Era – Chao Song

The most valuable resource in the world is always valuable information, and it is also the internal urge to steer the entire community. However, in today’s digital era, we are required to absorb and digest huge amounts of data on a daily basis. Because we learn about the world through information, it is impossible to avoid consuming a significant amount of useless junk news. That is what everyone unknowingly takes and digests every day. Consuming junk food on a regular basis, for example, is a bad habit. Yes, it isn’t fatal, but it is unhealthy. This might be one of the reasons why, despite ever-increasing amounts of knowledge, we remain baffled and confused. -extract-
landscape of a sandbank

The Kimberley – Steven Manolakis

The Kimberley is one of the world’s oldest and biggest wilderness areas, located in Australia’s stunning northwest. Its mostly undeveloped coastline, with beautiful white silica beaches and glistening turquoise waters, contrasts dramatically with the towering red sandstone escarpments, open sky, and wide grasslands. The retreat of major tidal currents often reveals delicate coastal sandbanks, islets, inlets, and other natural phenomena, dictating when and what to explore across the region while offering a gorgeous canvas unparalleled on the Australian terrain.

Kings & Queens in Their Castles – Tom Atwood

One of the most ambitious picture series depicting the LGBTQ experience in the United States has been named Kings & Queens in Their Castles. Over the course of 15 years, Atwood shot over 350 people at home around the country, including approximately 100 celebrities. With people from 30 different states, Atwood provides a glimpse inside the lives and homes of some of America’s most fascinating and unusual characters. The photos depict quirky, personal moments of daily life that fluctuate between the visual and the dramatic, as if they were modern-day tableaux vivants.
elderly man sitting on front of a table
portrait of the photographer's mom

Connection – VIET VAN TRAN

By selecting artifacts that symbolize both her current life and objects and pictures from the past, the photographer was constructing a multifaceted portrait of his mother. The object was valued not merely for its utility worth as a utility product, but also for its cultural, artistic, and historical significance. His mother and he are inherently contradictory, and we have very different perspectives on life. When he photographed her among the goods, though, their connection produced a different, more intimate, friendly mood.

Conversations With Myself – Jo Ann Chaus

In “Conversations with Myself,” the photographer takes on the roles of many women from the 1950s, the era of her birth and my mother’s as a young mother, in an attempt to understand what it was like to be a woman in that age. She investigates several facets of the female/human mind at the time (or perhaps of all time). Evoking the societal, familial, and personal limits that they face. The art, which was created on the eve of the revolutionary 1960s, represents the birth of an inner struggle and dilemma that is frequently still visible today.
woman sitting in the light
woman during gymnastic excercise

Young athletes of the Terni workers club (CLT) – Giuseppe Cardoni

Since 1927, the Terni Workers’ Club (CLT) has served as proof of the unbreakable tie that exists between the Acciai Speciali Terni and the city of Terni (Italy). It began as an after-work activity and has grown to include significant athletic and cultural events throughout time. Artistic Gymnastics and Volleyball are two of the most popular sports, which, by avoiding direct physical contact, have helped the city’s young girls and boys to continue their activities and, as a result, their social relationships, even during this tough moment of sanitary emergency.

Exotic Erotic Series – Maria Bartola Mejia

These black-and-white film photos combine street photography and high art to create abstractions and fictitious perceptions of reality. They’re part of an ongoing artistic effort on exotic sensual counterculture life via the eyes of a woman. Each image delves into topics such as human sexuality and erotic expectations, bodily control, and a visual commentary on creativity and imagination. Fluid movements, forms, patterns, shadows, and light are all intertwined inside. The moments are like a time dance.
blurry dancing movements
collage photo of a woman

ours penrose triangle – Wei-Ting Wen

We wish to use photography and art to assist us communicate our realistic or abstract ideas. Although the Penrose triangle is an imperfect shape, there is one corner that has a lot of creativity. Individuals differ in their flaws. We look for flaws and try to figure out what they have in common. 1.What you see isn’t necessarily what you get. 2.Silence is priceless. 3.The intelligent person does not believe in rumors. 4.A light heart has a long life. 5.Content is preferable to wealth.

In the name of our beautiful planet – Patrycja Suchanska

In an era when we need to pay more attention to nature in order to save the globe, the photographer has decided to share some images of the wonderful aspects of the earth that we have been slowly losing. She wishes we could all take a minute to appreciate nature, since it may not have the strength to stop us before it’s too late.
landscape with a sunset

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